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#LookAtYou. New Art Project

Welcome to the 5th dimension!

Haiku #13. Behind-the-scene

Finally the video 📽 of the Haiku #13 // Color Delight Series production process.

The Lumen Art Prize. London

The VR installation I’M NEAR is longlisted at the Lumen Prize for Art and Technology.

Making Of ‘WhoAreWe?’ Work

How was my week? Something like that 💦😭💦

SwissArtExpo exhibition. Zürich

The project Tears Crystal Lattice Painting is a part of the ARTBOX.PROJECT Zürich 2.0.

Making Of ‘Haiku #3’ Work

It’s some kind of color explosion as production process for the work Haiku #3 from Color Delight Series.

It’s Not a Campbell’s Soup Can

The making of the ‘It’s Not a Campbell’s Soup Can’ sculpture has already done!

Behind-the-scene. Tears Painting

But how do you do this? Voila! Here is the making of the “Pain? or Pleasure?” work.

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