Meta5Pixel Art & Technology

Meta5Pixel Art & Technology

The new art is born in the trinity of the Algorithm, the Artist, and the Viewer.

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Meta5Pixel Art

Meta5Pixel Art is a new direction in crypto art; it’s the immersive crypto art with the main idea expressed in the trinity of the Algorithm, the Artist, and the Viewer.

The outer layer of each artwork is a unique abstract pixel art generated by the algorithm. The inner layer is the territory of the artist’s ideas. The viewer layer is a part of art created by the person with a camera in the hands, the viewer-turned-participant. And the finished piece of art, in turn, becomes a three-way exchange.

Meta5Pixel Technology

The original static image is decomposed by a special algorithm into many monochrome halftone components – pixels displayed on the screen with a specific sequence and frequency. The original picture is “destroyed”; any information that the viewer could perceive as an image is removed from it, the picture turns into abstract dynamic noise.

Following a specific instruction, the image can be restored. The picture is “assembled” due to additive color synthesis when the viewer shoots the noise by a long exposure camera. In this way, the viewer-turned-participant cuts through the noise and sees the original static image.

The works:
Through the Noise series – Meta5Pixel

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