[Non]Sense – Generative NFT

[Non]Sense – Generative NFT

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Can words selected solely by their physical size (width and height) form a meaningful sentence? Can a phrase made up of words inscribed in certain frames carry sense or only nonsense?

Each poster in the collection is created in two stages. At the first stage, the algorithm forms a limited area from a sequence of graphic fields, with random height and width values. At the second stage, for each field, a word is selected that fits it in size. This happens as follows: first, out of 50,000 words, those words are selected whose width&height are close to the width&height of the field, then one random word is picked from them. There are no other conditions for selecting words in the algorithm.

Can it happen that with such a choice of words a meaningful phrase or sentence will turn out? Would such boundaries and limitations create sense?

Each work of the project is an experiment, it is 100% unique and is formed by an algorithm without the use of bitmap images.


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