Toontown Connectible – Generative NFT

Toontown Connectible – Generative NFT

[SOLD OUT] Collection is available on secondary market

‘Toontown Connectible’ collection is the next stage in the development of the new art form ‘Connectible Art’ created by @m5alien.

‘Toontown Connectible’ collection:
📌 Inhabited by 3 types of entities: сircles, triangles, and rhombuses. They have a core… or they don’t.

📌 Has 6 color themes: Colorful, Mono, Emphasis, Vintage, Gentleness, Chili. Each theme contains 1-3 palettes.

📌 Сonsists of a dynamic number of blocks: 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, 7×7.


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